Health Views with Deb Friesen, MD

Saving Lives with Mika Yoshino, Will You Marrow Me? Founder and Bone Marrow Donation Advocate (Part #1)

July 22, 2021

In our two-part bone marrow donation series, Dr. Deb talks to two women who have remarkable stories. Together they partner on Will You Marrow Me?, a bone marrow awareness program that encourages racially and ethnically diverse populations to register as donors. In part one, Dr. Deb interviews Mika Yoshino, Will You Marrow Me? founder, bone marrow donation advocate, and a director on Kaiser Permanente’s Digital Experience Center team.


There’s a national shortage of bone marrow donations among minorities and biracial populations, with 70% coming from Caucasian donors. Unfortunately, thousands of patients diagnosed with blood cancer, such as leukemia or lymphoma, don't have a genetic match and desperately wait for a life-saving bone marrow donation. Please join the Be The Match registry at and save a life today! 

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